There is no doubt Jekyll is an amazing blogging tool. It’s very convenient to use on mobile devices, using apps you already used before. Generated blog loads super fast even on low specs VPS machine. But there is one thing that kinda sucks: working with images.

Thankfully, for every problem there is a solution. And once again, Dropbox comes to rescue.

A LITTLE WARNING: Dropbox has bandwidth limits imposed on their users. For the free plan that’s 20GB per day, for paid ones that’s 200GB a day. So if you have a busy blog with loads of hi-res images in combination with a free Dropbox account, you may get into trouble – Dropbox will temporarily disable your links.

Public folder – a thing of a past

Not a long time ago, Dropbox offered a feature called Public folder. This made it super easy to publish a lot of images on Jekyll but those times are gone. Public folders were discontinued and the usual share link doesn’t work, Dropbox seems to be blocking their use to render images on a website in a web browser.

You know the way you can get a share link for any of your files and send it to your friends or colleagues to check out? We’ll be using this feature. On its own, it won’t allow you to render the image on your blog but with a slight modification we can fix it.

The usual share link would look like so:

The above won’t work in a web browser but this modified one will:

Let’s hope Dropbox won’t cut off this feature –or should I say ‘workaround’– any time soon!