About a month ago, I was approached by my friends who -to put it simply- travelled the world. Well, a lot of it, anyway. And they asked me if I could help them put together their very own travel blog. With no hesitation I said yes. The task seemed simple enough, the technical solution less so but I’ve always enjoyed a good old challenge, especially when it comes to WordPress based websites…

Despite all the odds, we managed to pull it off. Within four weeks, we created the template from scratch (no pre-designed, bloated stuff), put together great amount of content, debated our options, drank litres of coffee. Some of us even went as far as working late night (or should I say early morning) hours to achieve the impossible in such a short time!

Go on, have a look at Travel from Square One at once! When you’re there, leave a comment of encouragement and don’t forget to check out their Instagram feed! Those photos will blow you away! They also have a Facebook page, so if you fancy giving them an ol’ Like, go right ahead ?

The technical part

Content management system: WordPress
Theme: Custom made from ground up, based on _underscores framework
Web Hosting: my own web hosting in combination with CloudFlare for better worldwide distribution of content