I’m one of the lucky ones to rock a pair of Kanto YU6 speakers for a few years now. They’re excellent and very versatile and come with a phono pre-amp, too. I have my speakers placed on an IKEA shelf and as such their sound goes ‘below’ my ears. So I decided to do a quick design in Fusion 360 to fix my ‘problem’.

I printed that design with Fillamentum’s PLA Timberfill Rosewood filament. It was my first time printing a composite material and it turned out better than I expected, haha!

The design itself solves two issues for me: it directs the sound towards my ears and—at the same time—it isolates the speakers from the KALLAX shelf, which is known to amplify all sorts of bad sounds.

It fits my Kanto YU6 speakers nicely and it should fit any bookshelf/tabletop speakers of similar size no problem.

If you need a pair of those and have a 3D printer handy, download the STL file on thingiverse.com. Enjoy!