I’ve always loved music. And I always loved the good ol’ tech, too. My mum’s had a reel to reel player when I was a kid. I was fascinated by how it worked. Every time she took one of the tapes out of its almost futuristic-looking enclosure my eyes opened wide with excitement. The way it ‘produced’ music sounded like magic to me.

We also had a turntable. Not a fancy one. In fact, it was very basic – a mono output to its own in-the-lid speaker was all we could hope for. Still, it was enough to enjoy some great records; not just music but fairy tails as well.

Fast forward, and here I am, spinning records on my own turntable, which I paired with quality powered speakers. The sound, for the money I paid for it, is phenomenal.

My record collection isn’t huge. I only started it about three (maybe four) years ago. Cash was tight because all the moving I had to do. Still, I managed pretty well so here’s what I got over the few years. Part (1) of it, anyway. Hope you like it!

Diana Krall

Simply put: I love her voice, not to mention her piano playing. I’d go as far as saying that Diana’s my fave jazz singer/piano player of all time.

Norah Jones

Another of my fave jazz singers/piano players. She does a lot of experimenting and combines different musical genres into an interesting mix of melodies and rhythms.

I was lucky to see Norah Jones live in Dublin, Ireland, a few years back. An experience I’ll cherish forever.

Blue Note Trip

Awesome series of records. Some of them are hard to come by, and those that you can find, usually cost a lot of money these days.

I only managed to get one of them on vinyl so far. Judging by the current price, I’d say I was lucky to have bought it a while ago!

Caring for my record collection

Obviously, I take great care of all my records, protecting them with plastic pouches. If needed, I clean them with a record cleaning fluid and microfibre cloth.

To store them (and show off a little) I purchased the IKEA KALLAX shelf. Sometimes, I suspect IKEA made this shelf out of pure love for vinyl records because it fits the records in so well, haha.

UPDATE (12th Jul) I’ve created a simple website where I post all my records one by one as I buy them. Go and have a look!