It’s no secret I love WordPress and I’ve been using this amazing content management system for over ten years now. Working on my clients’ websites, I came across situations that were easily fixed by a simple adding of a relevant plugin. Here’s some of my personal favourites (in no particular order):

Contact Form 7

A simple contact form plugin. One of the benefits is that there’s plenty of supporting plugins for this one too. If you want to save all those emails into a database, no problem. A sidebar widget? No problem. CAPTCHA? No problem. More info and download here.

Force Regenerate Thumbnails

If your theme works with different sizes of images and you change those sizes after you uploaded your images, you’ll need to run a tool that updates all the existing images so that they look as they’re supposed to. More info and download here.

Simply a must if you want to offer your visitors a simple way of sharing your content on social networks like Facebook or Pinterest. More info and download here.

Tablet Photography

If you have a photography website, this plugin is your life saver when it comes to displaying your images on a mobile phone or tablet. It converts your gallery into a ‘swipe’ enabled slideshow. No need to tap those tiny arrows to go to the next photo, just swipe. Done. More info and download here.

WordPress SEO

WordPress itself is pretty well optimised for search engines but if you want more control over your website’s SEO, this plugin by Yoast can help to do just that. More info and download here.


An extremely powerful and user-friendly all-in-one anti-spam plugin that eliminates comment spam and registration spam. No CAPTCHA’s, challenge questions, or other inconvenience to website visitors. More info and download here.

WP Fastest Cache

Caching a website is the simplest way to give it a proper speed boost. More info and download here.