Two days ago, I shared a bit about my records collection and I thought I’d share the audio setup, which allows me to enjoy those records. It’s very simple – a turntable and a pair of speakers (just like in the photo above).

The Turntable

My deck isn’t posh or expensive but looks awesome and works like a charm. It’s a white Pro-Ject Primary Hi-Fi Turntable with Ortofon OM5e cartridge.

It doesn’t have any of the fancy things like its own pre-amp or a USB output.

What it does have is a quality drive, which ensures a very stable platter rotation speed so listening to jazz doesn’t feel like listening to a bag full of cats.

The Speakers

This is where the magic happens and it’s the reason my setup is so simple, with an absolute minimum of cables around. Meet the Kanto YU6 active speakers.

These speakers are a true gem. They sound great, have their own phono pre-amp, offer Bluetooth connectivity and come with a remote controller as well.

Did I mention they come with a USB connector to charge your phone or tablet while you use them to play your favourite music? How cool’s that!

The Other Bits

Before I bought the speakers, I used my computer’s 2.1 set, which didn’t have the phono pre-amp built in so I had to use a separate phono stage hooked between the turntable and the speakers. I chose the Behringer PP400 box. It’s small, has great reviews, and sounds a bit fuller in the low frequency range compared to the Kanto YU6’s phono stage, at least to my ears and in my room, that is…

To connect this unit to the 2.1 speaker set, I used a UGREEN RCA Audio Cable. It’s a cheap one but did the job nicely. I’d probably not use it now but back then there was no need to spend huge cash on premium cables that would end up with low range computer speakers…


I plan to do some upgrades to my setup in the foreseeable future, starting with an acrylic platter and better quality stylus. The speakers could use their own floor stands, and the wall behind them some sound-proofing.

Share your thoughts and setup

If you’d like, drop a comment below. Share your thoughts on my setup, or post info on yours!