I brought my new fancy iPad Pro home last night. Of course, I didn’t wait to get home to unbox it and start playing with it! Half an hour on a train is a very long time…

Setting it up was a breeze, though I still have to do some ‘icon shuffling’. When it comes to the app icons, I’m sort of suffering from a proper form of OCD, haha. I just need them to be ‘colour-synced’ as well as ‘purpose-grouped’. My OCD goes as far as insisting on having the same icons in macOS dock on both the Mac mini (when I had one) and my MacBook Pro!


Day 1 (so far)

I’ve been doing nothing but basic admin and accounts this morning so no surprises there, I’d say. And the external keyboard makes it so comfortable to do it all.

Now, I did have to do a few adjustments to the iPad. I had to switch to UK English keyboard and disable all the automatic features such as auto-capitalisation, smart punctuation, etc. because it was driving me crazy.

Oh, and I published this new post using iA Writer for iPad and Dropbox for iOS. This did involve a few adjustments to the workflow because it seems to be working slightly differently compared to how it works on an iPhone. The main difference being that iA Writer doesn’t ‘talk’ to Dropbox the same way when it comes to creating a new document. Maybe I just got it wrong, will investigate. But it was a wee bit of an annoyance, to say the least.

The real test though will come in the afternoon when I’m about to do a face-lift of a WordPress-based website for a client of mine.

I’ll also have some server maintenance to do tonight so I’ll be putting the Cathode app to a proper test too.


After some more fighting with iA Writer and Dropbox, I decided to go with an Ulysses/Dropbox combo. Unlike iA Writer, Ulysses can actually add a Dropbox folder to its library, which makes life so much easier.

It does come at a price though as it’s a subscription based piece of software. Still, a fiver a month won’t break my bank and the seamless integration with Dropbox makes it very well worth it.