It’s my third day of running iPad only kind of experiment. So far the experience has been very positive, only a few minor adjustments were needed in order to complete work-related tasks. However, today is different. I found out that working with files on iCloud is not all just bells and whistles as the Cupertino folks would like us to believe. So what happened?

iCloud support by the different apps I use

Apart from Apple’s apps like Pages or Numbers, I also use (or should I say ‘am forced to use’) Microsoft’s Word and Excel. After all, not all my clients are Mac users, and I need to ensure some level of compatibility when sharing documents and spreadsheets. And, surprise surprise, working with DOC/XLS files stored on iCloud is possible but not at all convenient or practical.

There are other apps that don’t work with iCloud too well.

FileBrowser comes to mind. This app only creates a folder on iCloud but doesn’t have full access to all the files and folders stored in Apple’s cloud. This makes me switch between FileBrowser and Apple’s Files app quite often.

Error here, crash there. Files app for iOS is a joke

Speaking of Apple’s Files app. It’s so incredibly buggy it’s unreal. It keeps crashing, throwing errors at me each time I try to copy a larger amount of files and folders over to my iPad or Dropbox. And when it does, all of the sudden Files just doesn’t show any files at all. Shutting down the app is not enough to recover from the problem. I have to restart my iPad and then start all over again!

This is probably the first time I will be forced to fire up my computer and move the files to Dropbox there.

Going with Dropbox and FileBrowser

There are a few reasons I decided for Dropbox and FileBrowser:

  • Dropbox integrates well with most if not all iOS apps, even Microsoft’s office or FileBrowser.
  • FileBrowser has full access to Dropbox so I don’t have to switch between Files and FileBrowser (or the Dropbox app itself).
  • So far there have been no crashes, no problems moving large number of files.
  • FileBrowser offers creating of ZIP files!
  • Did I mention FileBrowser can even connect to my home NAS? Try to keep up Apple, haha!

Now, away to start up that computer so I can move all the files away from iCloud over to Dropbox…