People around me know I am a huge fan of Apple products, and am one of those that simply have to get their hands on the very first beta even if it means spending countless hours of fixing stuff when things go south. And with the first developer beta of macOS Sierra it was no different.


The installation of macOS Sierra was super easy. I did an upgrade from OS X El Capitan so all my apps were already installed, and all was ready in about half an hour. The apps I use seem to be working no problem, here’s the list:

  • Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator
  • Skype, Viber for Desktop, Twitter (official app)
  • Things, Evernote, MindNode Pro, Caffeine
  • Numbers, Keynote, Pages
  • Spotify, eqMac
  • Google Chrome
  • Dropbox, Google Drive (the icon in the toolbar is not visible but sync works no problem)
  • MAMP Pro 3.5, Atom
  • Transmit
  • Xcode 7

There’s only one app that stopped working and that’s FreeChat for Facebook Messenger but that’s not a big deal, really.

From performance point of view, I didn’t find any signs of my mid 2010 MacBook Pro’s slowing down or freezing so I’d say ‘so far so good’ on all fronts.

And now the little things…

A word of warning for all the ‘aye, this is something Windows has for decades’ types of folks: keep your comments to youself, I don’t care! But yeah, Apple does seem to be a little slow implementing some of the very basic things, haha! And I won’t be mentioning things like Siri on Mac because I find it useless on a computer, or most of the other things they mentioned dring the WWDC16 keynote.

The coolest one to start with: Two Safari windows next to each other in fullscreen mode

Yeah, might sound like one of those ‘meh’ things for some but I do web management so web browser is my number one tool. And I also spend a lot of time chatting on FB messages with my clients. Up until now I had to switch between screens or tabs, but now I can just stick them both next to each other. Works especially well, if you go to to get the minimalistic Facebook GUI so you can squeeze that window a lot, giving you extra space for the one with the websites!

Sound output selection directly from the toolbar

A no brainer for someone like me. I tend to hook up my MacBook to external display via HDMI so the option to quickly divert sounds to my screen’s speakers is awesome!

Disk space management

I used to use tools like CCleaner and DaisyDisk to find out what’s taking up my precious SSD drive space and to dispose of the offenders. The new disk management feature of macOS Sierra makes it very easy to recover space by optimising emails in Mail app, moving unused/infrequently used files to iCloud, etc. Got back quite a chunk of free space in just a few clicks.

Mail app got some tiny improvements too

Remember the annoying thing about removing ‘flags’ from emails buy going to the Flags button and selection ‘none’? Well, that’s gone. From now on, you click the flag to set it, and you click the flag to reomve it. Simple as that. But yeah, it’s one of those features that should’ve been there for ages now!

The other great thing is the Quick Filter added right above the message list. Back in the day you’d either had to create smart folders, or switch to ‘Flagged’ for all lmessages marked with a flag in the Folder pane. Now, you just click the filter icon, and display what you need. Very handy if you tend to have your folder pane hidden to save space on your MacBook’s tiny screen.

Last but not the least…

Finder finally got the option to keep folders at the top of a list of files and folders when ordered by Name or Kind. Damn, why did it take so long?

And now the annoying things

I actually only found one. And that’s related to free space calculations when installing new software. I had over 27GB of free space on my drive and wanted to install Xcode 7, which is around 3.5GB in size so it should’ve worked no problem. Well, it didn’t. It kept asking for additional 6 gig of space! Now I know it’s only a first developer beta of macOS Sierra but I find this problem to be huge…