Switching to Jekyll brings one major change in how I publish a post. And I’m not talking about the workflow now, which I managed to master, I’d say (create post in iA Writer, rename it to meet the Jekyll post naming rules, move it to Dropbox, done).

It’s about the fact I need to use markdown instead of just typing a piece of text, highlighting it and setting it as bold or underlined, etc. Even creating links is completely different.

Now I have no doubt there’s a better way of doing it. Maybe iA Writer isn’t the right tool but it’s a tool I’ve had and used for many years so I got used to it. I wrote many, many markdown documents over those years but none of them required me to learn markdown language in detail.

So far, I’ve been fine with knowing how to make a piece of text a title or sub-title, maybe make it bold, create some bullet lists. But that was all. I never used links, never inserted images or used any of the advanced features that would allow me to add code, for example.

I also never had to worry about the file name extension. My iA Writer was set to default to .txtbut that wouldn’t work with Jekyll. The markdown wouldn’t be rendered properly. I had to change it to .markdown instead. I know it’s a tiny thing but it took me a while to figure out why my posts don’t format properly – paragraphs weren’t showing, links weren’t working, etc.

Still, despite the bumpy start, I am deeply enjoying the new blogging experience and the simplicity of publishing!