It’s no big secret the file management options on the iOS devices suck big time. Moving files between iPad and remote storage, even moving files between apps on the device itself, was a joke. Then I saw my Raspberry Pi box I used to run headless Kodi media centre on, and I thought ‘could this be the answer to my file management trouble?’

Attached to the Kodi box is my 27” LCD screen, and I do have a keyboard and a mouse from when I experimented with the Raspberry Pi computer about a year ago. So, technically, I had everything I needed to run a ‘mini PC’ without spending a single cent.

UPDATE (2 Jul 2018)

If you don’t have a computer screen, the Raspberry Pi has an HDMI video output so you can hook it up to your HDMI-equipped TV set instead. You’ll need an HDMI cable to connect them.

No keyboard? No problem. You don’t need an expensive one, I got mine for a tenner.

If you’re comfortable with using keyboard only to navigate a computer, you don’t need a mouse. But if you do prefer the ‘point and click’ way, get a cheapo. As long as it (and the keyboard) has a USB cable attached to it, it’ll do just fine.

IMPORTANT: Wireless mouse/keyboard will not work so really be sure to get wired ones!

I wiped the Kodi centre, installed Raspbian (a Debian port designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi box) and voila! Of course, I installed Kodi on it again. Though I am thinking about trying Plex, to be honest.


Apart from having a media centre, I also have a great means to do all my file moving without the headaches I used to get when trying to achieve the same on the iPad. I also have a tool that allows me to easily use the developer tools, which come with the Chromium web browser.

Raspberry Pi isn’t the fastest computer out there but considering it’s only 30 bucks and comes with everything you need to run a mini computer, I think it’s an acceptable compromise. Especially if you only use it for what I’ve described above…